Hong Kong Masters 2015 (Men’s & Women’s) 2015年度香港男、女子排名賽

Grand Champion of Mens / 男子組總冠軍 : Lam Ting Chi Royden

Grand Champion of Womens / 女子組總冠軍 : Tong Koot Chong Milka



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比賽地點 : 旺角鏢藝社

旺角道7-9號威特商業大廈2樓 (長旺道入口)

賽程表 (男子均於星期五,女子均於星期六晚上7:30~8:00報名,8:30開賽。)

  男子 女子
三月 20、27日 21、28日
四月 17、24日 18、25日
五月 8、15、29日 9、16、30日
六月 5、26日 6、27日
七月 3、17、24日 4、18、25日
八月 7、14、28日 8、15、29日
九月 4日 5日


名次 男子組 女子組
冠軍 8分 8分
亞軍 6分 6分
並列季軍 3分 3分
並列第五名 1分 1分

** 所有分數均累積至整項賽事完結,累積分數最高者為總冠軍。如累積分數相同,將計算奪得冠、亞及季軍次數多者為先。








名次 男子組 女子組
冠軍 獎金HK$4000 + 獎座 獎金HK$2000 +獎座
亞軍 獎金HK$2000 + 獎座 獎金HK$1000 +獎座
季軍及殿軍 獎金HK$1000 + 獎座 獎金HK$500 +獎座
五至八名 獎金HK$500 + 獎座 —–









The 2015 Hong Kong Masters (Men’s and Women’s) will be start from 20th March 2015.  The details as below:-

Venue : Darts Arcade2/F., Waite House, 7-9 Mong Kok Road, Mong Kok

Schedule :

( Friday for Men’s and Saturday for Women’s , 7:30 ~ 8:00pm for registration & play starts at 8:30pm)

  Men’s Women’s
March 20、27 21、28
April 17、24 18、25
May 8、15、29 9、16、30
June 5、26 6、27
July 3、17、24 4、18、25
August 7、14、28 8、15、29
September 4 5


Point Table

Position Men’s Women’s
Champion 8 8
1st Runner-up 6 6
Joint 3rd 3 3
Joint 5th 1 1

** If the players have the same point total at the end of the competition, the position will be determined by total number of 1st 2nd and 3rd positions in the competition.

Entry Fees

HK$50 per player, including one (1) specified bottle item or soft drink

*Entry fees must be paid in cash when registering at the venue.


This tournament is open to all valid members of the Hong Kong Darts Association. 

Playing Format

All games for the Men’s and Women’s Tournaments adopt the rules of 501 Knockout. Best of 5 legs for Men’s and best of 3 legs for Women’s.


Position Men’s Women’s
Champion HK$ 4000 + Trophy HK$ 2000 + Trophy
1st Runner-up HK$ 2000 + Trophy HK$ 1000 + Trophy
2nd & 3rd Runner-up HK$ 1000 + Trophy HK$ 500  + Trophy
4th ~ 7th Runner-up HK$ 500  + Trophy —–

 Hong Kong Representative Team 

The top score of four Men’s and Women’s from the Hong Kong Masters 2015 will automatically qualify to a member of HKDA Team participate to the Hong Kong Darts Open 2015. If any members of the HKDA Team are unable to participate in an event, places will be / or offered to the next best ranked players from the 2015 Hong Kong Masters. 

Dress Code

All players are required to wear shirts with collars and trousers.

No headgear, T-shirts, or sandals allowed during the tournament. 

Playing and tournaments rules

All losing players will chalk the upcoming games. It might be disqualified from future of Masters games if refuse.

All chalker are requested to switch off or change to silent mode for their mobile phone during chalk.

** In the event of disputes arising during the tournament, the organizer’s decisions are final with NO advance notice to all players.

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